Cean Company is another division of the Gibam Group. Cean specialise in metal fixtures and fittings designed to meet the specific demands of a modern retail store. Cean products are a series of shop fitting solutions to be used individually or as part of a total customised retail solution. Designed to satisfy both designers and retailers alike the Cean products are a hybrid of refined engineering and modern, sophisticated design. Easy assembly and modification makes Cean a perfect partner for the modern retailer.

Among the Cean Company products are;

  • Kode.01: Kode.01 is a single point support system of fixings and knobs for panels and walls.
  • Kode.02: Kode.02 is a bush system solution for connecting sturdy systems and accessories to panels or walls.
  • Thinline: A new dimension in slatted panel, Thinline is a simple but brilliant variation on the classic slat wall system.
  • Tecno: Tecno is fundamentally a structural system for cubes, shelves, tables, display cases and gondolas consisting of highly engineered articulated joints.
  • Doga+: Doga+ is a wall display system combining slat wall technology with decorative stylish finishes and colours
  • Netwall: Netwall is a continuous solution for walls allowing for refined sub-division of walls and panels. Manufactured in extruded aluminium with a very discreet groove system it is barely visible when sandwiched between panels.
  • Climb: Climb is a ladder solution constructed with an aluminium body. Climb can offer a unique visual contrast to a wall design and can be customised in a multiple colours with new uniquely designed accessories.